We visited Auchindrain Township open air museum near Inverary today.  It gives a fascinating insight into how people lived and worked the land communally before the Highland clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries.  It was very evocative going into the houses and feeling how it must have been for the families who lived here many years ago.

Sun and Showers

As it was such a beautiful evening we set off up the hill behind the house to enjoy the sunset.  This was the view at 6.30pm, shortly after setting off.

It looked so enticing that we kept on heading upwards.

However, just half an hour later, the sky turned very dark indeed.

There was a rather watery rainbow in the distance:

But then the downpour reached us!  Hail as well as rain meant we were soaked to the skin by the time we got back down to the house.


Took a trip to Kerrera today, the first time I have been there, and it was as beautiful as I had hoped.  Sun, blue skies and  incredibly good visibility to see across to Mull, Lismore and Morvern.  Walked round the south of the island, a six mile walk with stunning views all the way, banks covered with primroses and even some early bluebells.  Delicious lunch in the Tea Garden at Lower Gylen, a real suntrap and very pretty.

The ferry across to Kerrera

Kerrera Ferry

The Tea garden at Lower Gylen – a lovely spot for lunch

Tea Garden at Lower Gylen

Looking across to Mull

Scottish weather

What a change in the weather!  Last week I was gardening in a T-shirt and today it has been bitterly cold, with snow on the hills behind us.  It was sleeting this morning but brightened up and turned into the most beautiful sunny evening.  They say that in Scotland you can experience all four seasons in one day and that has certainly been the case today.

The birds are very active at the feeders.  A pair of goldfinches have appeared – the first I have seen in the garden here.  Today I watched the sparrowhawk hunting in the holly hedge behind the house.  It was incredible how he could tuck his wings in and fly up between the prickly branches.  I don’t think he managed to catch anything though as he flew off frustrated.  Hope he doesn’t get the goldfinches!